Comparison With Other Anti-Snoring Devices

Most OTC anti snoring devices are nothing more than a simple sports mouthguard, that you are asked to boil and remold on your teeth while holding your lower jaw pulled forward in some undefined manner. This is not easy or reliable. RidSnore uses a small ready to use mouthpiece and is the most comfortable compared to other similar devices (see picture above). It has no screws, hinges, metal parts, or springs, and causes no gum irritation. It is soft on the gum. Unlike most other anti-snoring devices that are large and fit tight on your teeth and gum and lock your jaws, our  device gives you a complete freedom to move your jaws.  As a result, it is very comfortable, and you never wake up with gum irritation, pain, or drooling all over the pillow.  

What is RidSnore?

RidSnore is a mandibular repositioning device but uses a combination of a small mouthpiece and a chinstrap. The device is provided with 2 mouthpieces to advance the lower jaw by 5 or 8 mm. The mouthpiece fits on the front teeth and holds the lower jaw in a forward position. Use whichever works better and is more comfortable for you. We suggest you start with the smaller mouthpiece and if snoring continues then try the other mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is a one size fits all and needs no boiling or fitting. The chinstrap is adjustable and holds your mouth closed. When you go to bed, keep your lower jaw forward with your upper  and lower front teeth in place within the device. If you wake up at night, make sure the mouthpiece remains in position. 

How It Works

Anti-snoring devices such as RidSnore are mandibular repositioning devices that serve to hold the lower jaw pulled forward during sleep. These devices pull the tongue and soft tissues away from the back of the mouth thus preventing obstruction of air passage. They have been recognized by The American Academy of Sleep Medicine to be effective for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea and as an alternative to CPAP therapy. Insurance companies recognize the effectivenes of these devices and some are willing to reimburse you for such devices.  

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1. No prescription.

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