Relief For Snoring And Sleep Apnea
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Our proven anti-snoring device will eradicate snoring 
and alleviate sleep apnea.

If you snore, you are likely to have obstructive sleep apnea.

Proven technology and recommended by doctors

RidSnore is a mandibular repositioning device and uses a combination of a small mouthpiece and a chinstrap. The device is provided with 2 mouthpieces to advance the lower jaw by 5 or 8 mm. The mouthpiece is a one size fits all and needs no boiling or fitting. The mouthpiece fits on the front  teeth to hold the lower jaw slightly in a forward position. The chinstrap is adjustable and holds your mouth closed.  Many other anti snoring devices that are available on the market are nothing more than a sports mouthguard that you are asked to boil and remold on your teeth while holding your lower jaw in a forward position. This is not very easy or reliable. 

RidSnore was designed by a sleep doctor

With RidSnore, you are in control. The device helps you keep your lower jaw in a forward position during sleep. In contrast, most other anti-snoring devices fit  tightly on your teeth and gum and lock your jaws for the entire night. They often cause gagging, pain, gum irritation and excessive drooling. RidSnore gives you a total freedom to move your jaws without gum irritation, gagging, pain or drooling. 

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Stop Snoring Today!
1. No prescription.

2. Comfortable.

3. No boiling and fitting

4. One size fits all

5. No drooling

6. No pain

Try RidSnore and take a break from your CPAP machine and mask. Feel the freedom of sleeping without being connected to a hose. It maybe the end of using CPAP!

As a CPAP user, you often wonder if there is a simple alternative to your CPAP machine. A group of sleep doctors commissioned by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reviewed a large body of scientific and clinical evidence that included thousands of sleep apnea patients using mandibular advancing mouthpieces. They concluded that such mouthpieces regardless of the brand, are very effective in treatment of sleep apnea.  Many patients preferred using the mouthpiece over using CPAP machine. Such mouthpieces have been recommended as a first line treatment for snoring and sleep apnea.

Say Good-Bye 
To Sleepless Nights 
Caused By Snoring!
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